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Table 3 Non-burnout Inventory PA and NA score correlations with the Maslach scores

From: Psychometric properties of the St. Elizabeth Youngstown hospital wellbeing inventory and non-burnout inventory for physicians and nurses

Non-burnout Inventory Score Maslach Score r-value p-value
PA Emotional Exhaustion −0.48 < 0.0001
NA Emotional Exhaustion 0.64 < 0.0001
PA Personal Accomplishment 0.29 0.0003
NA Depersonalization 0.27 0.0008
NA Callous 0.36 < 0.0001
  1. Non-burnout Inventory: St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital Non-burnout Inventory; PA positive affect, NA negative affect, Maslach Maslach Burnout Inventory