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Table 1 Overview and description of dependent variables of interest in the current study

From: An exploration of the link between adult attachment and problematic Facebook use

Facebook BehaviourDescriptionAuthor (s)Psychological correlate
Social comparisonComparison of self in relation to others (may be an unconscious process)
(e.g. compulsively viewing photos or timeline content of another Facebook user (known or unknown)
[16] Steers et al. (2015)
[20] Appel et al. (2014)
[21] Feinstein et al. (2013)
[22] Tandoc et al. (2015)
Low mood/depression
Impression managementDeliberate concealment of certain aspects of the self in order to present a positive self-image
(e.g. applying filters to photo uploads to maximize attractiveness)
[15] Rosen et al. (2013)
[17] Mehdizadeh (2010)
Low mood/depression
Self-disclosureOver-sharing of personal information on ones Facebook profile
(e.g. disclosing details of relationship conflict with partner)
[23] Moreno et al. (2012)
[24] Settani & Marengo (2015)
[12] Forest & Wood (2012)
Low mood/depression
Intrusive Facebook useUse of Facebook resulting in interruption to daily activities
(e.g. use of Facebook impacting academic studies)
[13] Koc & Gulyagci (2013)
[25] Blachnio et al. (2015)
[26] Malik & Khan (2015)
[18] Blachnio et al. (2016)
Low mood/depression