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Table 1 SCI and caregiver assessments and measurement schedule

From: Comparison of two psycho-educational family group interventions for improving psycho-social outcomes in persons with spinal cord injury and their caregivers: a randomized-controlled trial of multi-family group intervention versus an active education control condition

  Pre-treatment Post-treatment 6-months
SCI Patient Assessments    
Patient Activation    
  Patient Activation Measure (PAM) X X X
Emotion Regulation/Interpersonal Skills    
  AX Scale (anger expression) X X X
  Duke Social Support Index (use of supports) X X X
Mental Health/Health Behavior    
  CES-D-10 (depression)a X X X
  Mini-Mental Status Examination X   
Caregiver Assessments    
Caregiver Burden/Health    
  Caregiver Burden Inventory X X X
  CES-D-10 (depression) a X X X
Dyad Functioning (administered to patient and care partner)    
  1. Bolded measure indicates primary outcome measure
  2. acovariate in analyses